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All Coast products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A!

Your Custom Chassis Designers
At Coast Enclosures, we love pushing the limits on the design and manufacturing of traditional rack mount enclosures, ISA/PCI chassis as well as CompactPCI. Armed with a different type of business model, we are becoming a premier force in product innovation, and personalized customer support. Whether you need a standard product or a specialized custom design, we work with you to create the ideal solution.

Coast Enclosure's line of ISA/PCI rackmountable and CompactPCI industrial systems offers rugged enclosures and flexible system configurations over a wide range of applications. Our industrial computer line of ISA/PCI products range from 1U servers to 6U rugged chassis while our CompactPCI line range from 2U to 13U. We design and manufacture portable, luggable and rugged computer servers and workstations.

Our products are used in business, research, health care, engineering, military, and industrial settings. Whether your needs are pre-configured systems or custom designed servers and workstations, we will work with you to provide complete industrial and field service solutions for your application. So don't settle for a solution that doesn't quite suit your need.

We are a leading innovator and manufacturer of servers, rack mount computers, rack mount servers, enterprise servers, industrial computers, RAID servers, rack mount chassis, rack mount cabinets, industrial cabinets, harsh environment cabinets and embedded computers to foreign and domestic corporate, educational and governmental customers worldwide.

Custom Design and Engineering
We specialize in the unique. Whether it is a slight modification to one of our standard products or whether you need something designed from the ground-up...simply tell us what you need and we will work with you to create the perfect solution for you. Our design engineers have are experts at designing custom chassis as well as in manufacturing.


Our rapid prototyping allows you to have a functional, working model of your system, reflecting the appearance and operational capability of the final product in just weeks after final product specification. We works with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with the design.

Turnaround and Delivery
We offer the fastest turnaround in the industry! Prototypes are typically available within 2 weeks of final product specification. Once the prototype is approved by you, production and manufacturing is usually only 3-4 weeks.