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Your Custom Chassis Designers
Saturn Series of 1U Chassis from Coast Enclosures
The Saturn 1 is a solution that dramatically reduces time-to-market, delivering what you need, when you need it. The Saturn 1 can easily be configured into a customized turnkey solution that is dedicated to numerous Internet network applications including SSL acceleration, VPN, firewall, caching, load-balancing, application server and web server.

Feature highlights include:
  • Compact 1U x 17 inch design
  • Up to two slimline CD-Rom's
  • Up to four 3.5 inch hot swappable hard drives
  • One slimline floppy
  • Locking and removable front door
  • 150-250W power supply
  • Flexible architecture allows use as a shelf or rack mount products
4HDD, up to 3 slimline floppy or CD drives
Dimensions (H x W x D)
1.75 x 17 x 22.5 inch (44.45 x 431.8 x 571.5mm)

Front Door (optional)
Locking and removable front door

Front Panel Indicators
Power on LED
Hard drive activity LED

Drive Capacity
Four 3.5 inch hot-swappable SCSI drives
Up to two Slimline CD-Rom's
One Slimline 3.5 inch floppy drive
Other drive options are available

One 39.5CFM blower (120 x 120 x 32mm)
Rear Panel Controls/Connections
Power on/off switch (optional)
Reset switch

Cold rolled steel, clear zinc plated

Standard Colors: Black, Blue, Red
*Custom colors available - Any standard Federal color
Smooth, textured or wrinkled finishes available
*Additional cost may apply

Power Supplies
Up to 250W 1U power supply

Backplane Option
1U passive backplane with up to 4 slots

Motherboard Option
ATX 1 and 2 plus 1 riser card