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Your Custom Chassis Designers
Saturn Series of 1U Chassis from Coast Enclosures

The Saturn 2 chassis features many innovations and design advantages that are simply more practical for network deployment. The outcome is more power in a smaller work environment which appropriately saves both valuable floor and rack space.

The Saturn 2 can be configured into a customized turnkey solution that is dedicated to several Internet network applications including, among others - SSL acceleration, load balancing, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), firewalls, caching and Web and Application servers.

Feature highlights include:
  • 1U x 22.5 inch depth design
  • One internal 3.5 inch drive
  • One 5.25 inch drive Two 25.4 CFM blowers
  • Can fit a SBC or ATX motherboard option
  • Removable card cage
  • 150-250W power supply
Saturn Series 2 - 1U Chassis
Dimensions (H x W x D)
1.75 x 17 x 22.5 inch (44.45 x 431.8 x 571.5mm)

Front Door (optional)
Available with or without lock

Front Panel Indicators

Power on LED
Hard drive activity LED

Drive Capacity

One internal 3.5 inch drive bay
One 5.25 inch drive bay


Two blowers with up to 30.5 CFM each (97 x 94 x 33mm)

Unique Features
Unique card clamp device to secure cards
Removable card cage
Cold rolled steel, clear zinc plated

Standard Color: Black or Beige
*Custom colors available - Any standard Federal color
Smooth, textured or wrinkled finishes available
*Additional cost may apply

Power Supplies
Up to 250W 1U power supply

Backplane Options
Accepts up to four slots ISA/PCI backplane

Motherboard Options
Fits ATX motherboard